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Gold Sneakers: Trump’s $399 Fashion Statement

  • Paul Smith

    Why Trump’s Gold Sneakers Are More Than Just Shoes

    A footwear convention for shoe experts and collectors in Philadelphia grabbed attention when former US President Mr Donald J. Trump introduced his latest business venture.

    Presenting his footwear featuring an American flag and a capital T on it these high-top sneakers are now the center of controversy.

    The businessman and politician debuted his exclusive golden sneakers, Never Surrender High-Top Sneakers. The price of these sneakers is around $399. Trump, while steadfastly leveraging his brand, showcases the shoes.

    After reflecting on his political and commercial presence, he placed one sneaker on each side of his podium, saying that there are a lot of emotions in this room. The shoes are equally liked and criticized by his supporters and opposers.

    Mr Donald Trump, throughout his campaign, has pointed the finger at Mr Joe Biden for inflation and raising the cost of everyday items. On the other hand, he himself added a gold pair of sneakers to his lineup with a hefty cost of around $399.

    Initially made in just 1000 pairs, these bold fashion, bright, high-top shoes are deemed to offer both style and comfort. Trump sneakers are stitched with US flags around the collar and bejewelled with a large T on the side.

    Donald Trump will autograph at least ten pairs, each numbered pair. The description of the shoes read that they had a standout gold finish and T badge, and these gold sneakers were for true Patriots. The American Flag wrapping shouts out to be brave.

    These sneakers appear stylish, and customers are offered to be a part of history by buying them. According to his supporters, these exclusive shoes are perfect for any Trump supporter.

    Cost of Never Surrender Gold Sneakers

    Where the exclusivity of these bold fashion shoes has already sparked online bidding wars, the hefty price of $399 is still going up. The eBay search shows that these pairs are going from $5000 to even $9,000 for an autographed pair.

    These luxury sneakers are already sold out online. Yet more pre-orders are available, whereas the two other pairs of these shoes are available at the retail price of $199 on the website.

    Is There a Political Connection Between Gold Trump Sneakers and His Campaign?

    Although Mr. Trump’s campaign officials promoted the luxury sneakers in online posts, the disclaimer on the website reads that these sneakers were not designed or sold by the Donld J.trump organization or any of their affiliates or principals.

    The 45Footware, LLC, uses the Trump reference under a license agreement. Also, GetTrumpSneakers.com has nothing to do with any political campaign. Mr. Trump claims that the shoes and the website don’t have any connections to any political campaign.

    Trump merchandise

    During the late Thursday evening of August 24, 2023, Trump released eight items featuring historic booking photos. These items include coffee mugs, koozies, long sleeves, short sleeves, black and white shirts, a bumper sticker, etc.

    All these items feature a “Never Surrender” tagline and range from $12 to $34, depicting that it is not just the shoes and cologne to cash in on his infamy.

    Mr Trump also promoted a more comprehensive range of other items, including digital trading cards, wrapping paper, and the suit he was wearing when taking this mugshot.

    Customers can get suit pieces at the bargain price of $4600 and digital trading at $99.

    What’s The Story Behind Trump’s Mugshot “Never Surrender”?

    The mug shot was taken in 2023 after former US President Donald Trump was arrested on 13 charges of overturning the results of the 2020 elections. On his fourth time facing criminal charges, the former US president, Donald Trump, poses for a booking photo.

    When released by Georgian Authorities, the mug shot unveiled a scowling Trump and became instantly famous and adored by his supporters worldwide. Shortly after, Donald Trump launched t-shirts displaying the same mug shot with a Never Surrender tagline.

    Upon seeing that pair of Trump’s gold shoes at the Philadelphia Convention Center, the mixed reaction of his supporters and opposers depicted the public’s emotional response to such events.


    There is a lot of buzz about Trump’s latest controversy of a surprise addition to his merchandise. These shoes are not directly manufactured or sold by his organization, the sale of these sneakers will merely impact his political affiliations.

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